Fish Hoek



Fish Hoek

Fish Hoek is one of the few villages in Cape Town that is little affected by the push for development that has altered most of the Cape’s coastline. Drive through the main road of Fish Hoek and shops still delight with original character - interspersed with the odd second-hand furniture shop, and grocers and delis have not yet been nudged from the high street by corporate shopping centres.

Fish Hoek has one of the loveliest and safest beaches on the False Bay Coast. It is an ideal family beach and its calm bay is almost guaranteed to provide good swimming, snorkeling along the rocks and a lot of sandy beach to make sand castles or on which to soak up the sun. Even the beach front coffee shop and restaurant seems imbibed with the local placidness and serves you as and when they see fit, but you don’t seem to mind as the views are so spectacular.

During whale watching season, whales and their offspring often cavort in these waters, whilst canoeists carefully circle to catch a close-up inspection.

The beach tends to be the stamping ground of retired pensioners and families, and the bay lies in the shadow of the Kalkbaaiberg and Elsie’s Peak headlands scattered with homes that offer wonderful views over the bay. Jager Walk is a favourite with Sunday strollers, and runs along one arm of the beach.

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